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Friday, May 5, 2017

Horror Movie Hapenings . . . as 1st Assistant Director . . .

Recently, I was asked to be a First Assistant Director on an Indie Horror Movie Feature filming in Queensland and it has been great fun, but exhausting, and a real 'bloody' blast. We have been filming on location all over South East Queensland and quite a bit at a beautiful, tranquil dairy farm near Mount Tamborine . . . the hills will never be the same again!

Photos for all you peeps . . . CLICK FOR LARGER

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

PICKUP ADR (automated dialogue replacement) IN POWDERFINGERS RECORDING STUDIO and the Tsunami of plaster across the kitchen.

Late last year I got a call from the Director of 'Pickup' regarding re-recording dialogue for the film and adding another line to bridge a gap and make the film SEVEN minutes long for the huge Trop-fest film festival. Originally, the film was twenty something minutes and I only ended up doing one line - but it was where I did it . . . in PowderFingers actual recording studio here in Brisbane.

And, one of the guys was the lead guitarist Mr Haug - who I thought looked familiar, but, did not realise until he went somewhere else in the studio and I asked a tech guy. He seemed like a lovely guy and the session went well.

It was a great experience and I learnt a lot . . .

CATASTROPHIC PLASTER FAIL - right across the kitchen tiled floor and couch fabrics.

Well, it was exactly how it sounds - the plaster reservoir made of darker clay, failed and the whole six kilograms of mix just washed from high on the kitchen bench - to everywhere all over the lounge room. Thank god it was tiled - and that it was wet and sloppy - so it washed out of all the couch material. It was ridiculous - yes I was ridiculous - for why, you ask, were you doing it in the house, in the kitchen and next to the living room - well - I was a complete and utter idiot!
Oh well - I learnt heaps from the experience and have now made custom designed mould crates and wooden reservoirs that are all bolted together and can literally be disassembled from around the cast - so this is a good thing - but took up sooo much time. 
This is what the face would have looked like - for now I have to start all over again . enjoy!

Stay happy peeps!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Pick UP film online . . . my film and Tim Smit interview from the ABC - one of the most awesome people alive . . .

This is a film I was in last year - Played Gordy and had a blast.

While filming I was still sick and fat, I was really overweight - for me - Thank god I have lost it all and look thin again.

The virus I now have is soooo annoying - it leaves me feeling mainly fatigued and with Chronic Fatigue like symptoms - but I am determined to get something done every day . . .

Back from the whinging . . . I'm in the first five minutes and the listed as Greg Phleming - yes, that's right - incorrectly in the credits - but i'm fourth lead - so this is great!

I spoke to the brilliant Director today about it, he was sooo sorry and he is a real champ and will fix it later. I've got to say - the passion of Chris Nance is commendable - he is a great guy who is real and personable, so thanks Chris for putting me in your film and trusting me with so much dialogue!

The whole team on this film was so professional and fun to be around - it was a really long day and the end result speaks for itself!

And I get to swear on film for the first time ever - the F bomb people:) hehe - I'm bad . . . sooo naughty. 

My film - The Reaching Tower is officially in production . . .

That's right - it's official - the film is starting to roll along and is being helped - all going well - By a Brisbane production mob and club, so things are looking up!!

I have been madly doing script work, actors scripts and now Storyboards, and sculpting and doing creatures and it will be good! It has been a monumental job and we will be casting for it soon, so very exciting. Sorry about being a lazy whore with posting, but I have been a bit unwell - I will try to post regularly, but my glands keep me from doing things; the pain - darn the glands, oh well.

Tim Smit interview on the ABC - inspiration and what one person who dreamed, can do . . . 

Tim Smit: creating the Eden Project

Sir Tim Smit is best known for his work in Cornwall, southern England, where he instigated two much-loved projects.
Tim spent most of the 80s writing and producing pop music, and amassing and losing a fortune in the process.
He then moved to Cornwall, where he happened across an abandoned Edwardian estate which had lain untouched since WW1.
Tim and colleagues faithfully restored the Heligan estate's vast grounds and structures to their former glory.
The Lost Gardens of Heligan are now among England's most-visited public gardens.
Tim's more recent project, completed in 2000, is described by some as the eighth wonder of the world.
The Eden Project is a series of enormous geodesic domes housing tropical and Mediterranean biomes, built in the crater of a former clay pit.
Further information
Tim was awarded a knighthood in 2011
This interview was recorded at WOMADelaide 2017
Duration: 48min 14sec

This is a Tim Smit interview from ABC - he is now one of my all time greatest inspirations . . .

Anyway, hope you enjoy this belated update and stay well friends, regards Gregus

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Building a bus and filming for Chris Nance film - Pick Up.

     Recently, I started building a bus for my opening shot of the film. The shot encompasses many tricky visual elements and I wanted to do many of the lens flare effects in camera and practically, so I needed detailed models with LED lighting to achieve the visuals I wanted. 
     The Bus was, like everything else - retro/future/Steampunk and I went to work creating the specific look I wanted. 
     I love old dodge cars and really wanted the look to encapsulate a homage to these amazingly shaped vehicles. So from the initial design on paper - to create a template for cutting - to the colourings and smooth duco-like finish - here are some shots for you to look at . . . And on location for my role as Gordy - in an independent short film . . . (click for larger and more magnificent)

Simple template - the lines you see were then individually cut to create the wheel hubs, metal detailing down the sides and classic bus-line effects - enjoy!


Then we jump to the nearly complete bus - for some reason I have misplaced other shots!

Bonus - making Steampunk Glasses

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Blast's from the past - 

Today, a collection of photo's from Theatre productions I have done over the year. Loved every moment of them - hope you enjoy the photo memories as I have enjoyed scanning them in - there are more, but later, have a great day peeps . . .