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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Building a bus and filming for Chris Nance film - Pick Up.

     Recently, I started building a bus for my opening shot of the film. The shot encompasses many tricky visual elements and I wanted to do many of the lens flare effects in camera and practically, so I needed detailed models with LED lighting to achieve the visuals I wanted. 
     The Bus was, like everything else - retro/future/Steampunk and I went to work creating the specific look I wanted. 
     I love old dodge cars and really wanted the look to encapsulate a homage to these amazingly shaped vehicles. So from the initial design on paper - to create a template for cutting - to the colourings and smooth duco-like finish - here are some shots for you to look at . . . And on location for my role as Gordy - in an independent short film . . . (click for larger and more magnificent)

Simple template - the lines you see were then individually cut to create the wheel hubs, metal detailing down the sides and classic bus-line effects - enjoy!


Then we jump to the nearly complete bus - for some reason I have misplaced other shots!

Bonus - making Steampunk Glasses

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Blast's from the past - 

Today, a collection of photo's from Theatre productions I have done over the year. Loved every moment of them - hope you enjoy the photo memories as I have enjoyed scanning them in - there are more, but later, have a great day peeps . . .

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Greg Pleming - My Portfolio pictures below . . . 

I'm a Production design, Creature design, Creature maker, Miniature model design, Miniature model maker, Miniature model builder, Set design, Set decorator, Set construction, Costume Designer, Sewer, Director of Photography, Camera operator, lighting designer, technical supervisor, Stage Hand, Landscape design . . . 

   Amazingly, I have now done all of these things on films, stage and photographic shoots.
Recently I was a production designer on a film shot here in Brisbane, 'Edith's choice' and it was fun - I was required to dress an impoverished apartment, a conference center xmas venue and an office in a fictitious banking firm, good experience.

Also did a short film as an exercise for a film club I'm in. link below. That's me in the film too, and i came up with the idea looking out at dead foliage hanging near my pond.

Anyway, i have been very busy working on one of my novels and today I'm sharing heaps of photo's to advertise what I can do . . . (click for larger)

  Creatures, sets and set pieces - 


Set posters - 'Cats' the musical production

Amazing miniatures - 

Me, in a zombie film 'Axed"

Me on the 2010 film 'Axed' - by Josh Long (there are more Josh Long credits previously)
The makeup prosthetic here took two hours to apply, had pipes running up my body and attached into the prosthetic - it bled copiously. The guys from 'Sharp FX' did it, they are a Hollywood makeup mob and the huge scene, involving nearly 100 extras was filmed in a quarry in Maleny.