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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

PICKUP ADR (automated dialogue replacement) IN POWDERFINGERS RECORDING STUDIO and the Tsunami of plaster across the kitchen.

Late last year I got a call from the Director of 'Pickup' regarding re-recording dialogue for the film and adding another line to bridge a gap and make the film SEVEN minutes long for the huge Trop-fest film festival. Originally, the film was twenty something minutes and I only ended up doing one line - but it was where I did it . . . in PowderFingers actual recording studio here in Brisbane.

And, one of the guys was the lead guitarist Mr Haug - who I thought looked familiar, but, did not realise until he went somewhere else in the studio and I asked a tech guy. He seemed like a lovely guy and the session went well.

It was a great experience and I learnt a lot . . .

CATASTROPHIC PLASTER FAIL - right across the kitchen tiled floor and couch fabrics.

Well, it was exactly how it sounds - the plaster reservoir made of darker clay, failed and the whole six kilograms of mix just washed from high on the kitchen bench - to everywhere all over the lounge room. Thank god it was tiled - and that it was wet and sloppy - so it washed out of all the couch material. It was ridiculous - yes I was ridiculous - for why, you ask, were you doing it in the house, in the kitchen and next to the living room - well - I was a complete and utter idiot!
Oh well - I learnt heaps from the experience and have now made custom designed mould crates and wooden reservoirs that are all bolted together and can literally be disassembled from around the cast - so this is a good thing - but took up sooo much time. 
This is what the face would have looked like - for now I have to start all over again . enjoy!

Stay happy peeps!

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