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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Building a bus and filming for Chris Nance film - Pick Up.

     Recently, I started building a bus for my opening shot of the film. The shot encompasses many tricky visual elements and I wanted to do many of the lens flare effects in camera and practically, so I needed detailed models with LED lighting to achieve the visuals I wanted. 
     The Bus was, like everything else - retro/future/Steampunk and I went to work creating the specific look I wanted. 
     I love old dodge cars and really wanted the look to encapsulate a homage to these amazingly shaped vehicles. So from the initial design on paper - to create a template for cutting - to the colourings and smooth duco-like finish - here are some shots for you to look at . . . And on location for my role as Gordy - in an independent short film . . . (click for larger and more magnificent)

Simple template - the lines you see were then individually cut to create the wheel hubs, metal detailing down the sides and classic bus-line effects - enjoy!


Then we jump to the nearly complete bus - for some reason I have misplaced other shots!

Bonus - making Steampunk Glasses

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